Season 1
Unicorn Academy
9 EPISODES • 2023
Season 1 of Unicorn Academy was released on November 2 and consists of 9 episodes.


1: Unicorn Academy
Nov 2, 2023
At Unicorn Academy, regular teen Sophia has a lot to learn about fantastical creatures, but a dark force threatens to return and destroy unicorn magic!
2: The Hidden Temple
Nov 2, 2023
While riding the Skyberry Trail, Wildstar gets spooked by grim magic, sending the group racing to a long-forgotten temple full of mysteries — and danger.
3: The Race
Nov 2, 2023
Miss Primrose accelerates the students' training by sending them to an advanced obstacle course. But will competition get in the way?
4: The Book of Grim
Nov 2, 2023
To learn more about grim magic, Sophia, Ava and Layla sneak into the library after hours to borrow a restricted book that proves to be too powerful.
5: Under Starglow Lake
Nov 2, 2023
When grim magic contaminates the academy's water supply, the unicorns risk losing their power unless Sophia can save Starglow Lake with an unlikely ally.
6: The Vision Pool
Nov 2, 2023
Eager to decode the message from the Whispering Willows, Sophia skips party planning to visit the Vision Pool — right after promising Ava she wouldn't.
7: The Broken Gem
Nov 2, 2023
The Sapphires try everything to get Sophia and Ava to stop fighting, but they've got bigger problems: Two dastardly henchmen are after the grimstone.
8: Ravenzella's Revenge
Nov 2, 2023
As the academy teachers gear up to battle a powerful foe, they forbid their students from leaving the dorms. But one rider doesn't follow the rules.
9: Mended Hearts
Nov 2, 2023
Without the help of their teachers, the students must work together to take on the evil Ravenzella all by themselves. Unicorn Academy depends on it!
Season 2
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