Recently Announced
Wyatt Earp and the Cowboy War
The true story of Wyatt Earp, his legendary Vendetta Ride, and how his famed gunfight at the O.K. Corral gained national and international attention that nearly sparked a second Civil War.
Love Next Door
A romantic comedy that tells the story of a woman trying to reboot her life after making mistakes, and her mother's friend's son, who is her living dark side.
Follows four incoming freshmen as they navigate the terrors of adolescence at their first-ever high school party.
Rakht Brahmand
Cobra Kai: Inside the Dojo
Go behind the scenes with the cast and creators of "Cobra Kai" as they break down the action and surprises awaiting fans in Season 6 — the series finale.
Sneaky Links: Dating After Dark
This one-of-a-kind social experiment brings together a group of not-quite-so-single daters who must determine whether their sneaky link is really "the one" or just getting in the way of finding their forever partner.
Worst Ex Ever
From chilling betrayals to murder plots, this true-crime docuseries dissects the dark side of love through eyewitness testimonies.
Something Very Bad Is Going to Happen
An atmospheric horror series set at a wedding, following a bride and groom in the week leading up to their ill-fated nuptials.
Docuseries following the top paramedics, doctors, nurses, and surgeons from across London.
Blue Ribbon Baking Championship
Blue ribbon-winning bakers from state fairs across the US face off for the first time in an epic baking showdown to win top honors and $100,000.
Three characters lives become intertwined when they meet on the Atlantic side of the Amazon — Janalice, a victim of human trafficking; Preá, who must make peace with his fate as the leader of a local criminal organization known as the "water rats"; and Mariangel, who is seeking to avenge the deaths of her family. All three of them must try to break the curse, or "pssica," that they believe has been cast on them.
En el barro
While being taken to La Quebrada prison, Gladys Guerra "La Borges" and other inmates with no prison experience are attacked. The vehicle transporting them sinks into the river, and the prisoners, abandoned to their fate, face certain death. However, Gladys frees herself and the others. Minutes later, five survivors reach the shore, covered in mud. United by adversity, this group of women will face the hostility of the prison regime and the challenges posed by the different "tribes" that manage the daily life of the prison.
East of Eden
An upcoming limited series adaptation of John Steinbeck’s classic novel East of Eden.
Ángel Di María: Romper la pared
From his humble origins to becoming champion of the world, this documentary series recounts the life and career of the iconic Argentinian soccer player.
How to Get to Heaven from Belfast
Three old friends from the Northern Irish capital – Saoirse, Robyn and Dara – are now in their late-thirties and lead very different lives. But when they receive an email informing them of the death of Greta, an old classmate they were once very close with, there’s clearly some unspoken, unfinished business. The trio’s subsequent adventure takes them on a journey across Ireland.
Cały ten rap
Soul Mate
Traversing the cities of Berlin, Seoul, and Tokyo, a 10-year-long love story between two young men is told. It all starts when Ryu Narutaki, who left everything behind in Japan, is saved by a boxer named Jo Han Hwang in a foreign land.
Tribhuvan Mishra CA Topper
A banking crisis forces CA topper Tribhuvan Mishra to take up sex work. Will this dual existence alleviate his troubles — or create entirely new ones?
Century of Love
San is faithfully devoted to his love. He has spent his life waiting for his lost beloved, Wad, to reincarnate from her death a century ago. But when the darkness of the night looms, he will be forcibly afflicted by the power of the five shades stone. If he fails to find wad within this century's time window, he will inevitably succumb to a tragic death for eternity. The final year of the century is about to end before the stone's power turns into his eternal curse. He meets Vee, a frivolous, charming adonis who seems connected to his life. San horribly feels appalled by Vee at first sight, but this unrelated boy is actually his beloved Wad, whom he has been anticipating for almost a century.
Can This Love Be Translated?
A romance drama about a woman who works as an interpreter and a man who speaks an entirely different love language from her own. Due to their polar-opposite approaches to talking about love, the two of them repeatedly misunderstand one another and get frustrated as their intentions get lost in translation.
The Union
A New Jersey construction worker goes from regular guy to aspiring spy when his long-lost high school sweetheart recruits him for an espionage mission.
Chastity High
Set in an ultra-elite high school that imposes a strict ban on dating between boys and girls, the series explores the consequences of forbidden love as a mysterious social media account begins exposing scandalous secrets. Students fight to expose one another as they rebel against the school and its overbearing rules.
Resurrected Rides
Comedian Chris Redd works with a dream team of car experts to breathe new life into worn-out rides with stunning customized makeovers.
Dirty Pop: The Boy Band Scam
Backstreet Boys. NSYNC. Lou Pearlman created the biggest boy bands of the '90s — and one of the largest Ponzi schemes in history.
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