Season 2
Haters Back Off
8 EPISODES • 2017
Her life may be in shambles, but Miranda's finally gone viral! Now she's ready to take on her next big challenge: making it to Broadway.

Season 1


1: im gunnna be an legend
Oct 20, 2017
Left to fend for herself in an empty house, Miranda tries to win back Uncle Jim and Patrick. Bethany sets out on a biblical adventure.
2: Getting Condomsated 4 My Ad
Oct 20, 2017
Uncle Jim and Miranda try to cash in on YouTube ads, only to end up at war with a taco chain. Bethany and her ex compete for Emily's affections.
3: Exposing My Impostr
Oct 20, 2017
Shocked to discover a young girl has been copying her act online, Miranda vows to take her rival down -- at a middle school talent show.
4: Modelling at the Hospital
Oct 20, 2017
A trip to the hospital gives Uncle Jim a twisted new idea for his line of Miranda merchandise. Emily makes a selfless offer.
5: my 1rst bae
Oct 20, 2017
Miranda hits a major setback on the romantic front. Meanwhile, the new vibe between Bethany and Jim makes things awkward around the house.
6: makeen the news
Oct 20, 2017
While Miranda throws herself into building her theme park, Uncle Jim prepares a memorable first date, and a surprise visitor whisks Emily away.
7: my theem park
Oct 20, 2017
As Miranda World opens to the public, guilty secrets and jealous rivalries threaten to spoil the fun.
8: broadway or buts
Oct 20, 2017
Miranda finally gets a chance to make her mark on Broadway, but things don't go quite as expected. Money troubles force the family to get creative.
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