Season 2
Kengan Ashura
12 EPISODES • 2023
The second round of the Kengan Life-or-Death Tournament continues — without Ohma. As the mighty gladiators clash, a shadowy figure plots a violent coup.

Season 1


1: Omen
Sep 21, 2023
Despite insisting that he's fine, Ohma ends up collapsing — and recalls a childhood memory. Then, the Kengan Life-or-Death Tournament kicks off again.
2: Blast Core
Sep 21, 2023
Takeshi Wakatsuki was raised to be the ultimate fighter for Furumi Pharma, but even he's intimidated by his opponent, Julius Reinhold.
3: The Clown
Sep 21, 2023
The crowd goes wild when Jun Sekibayashi enters the arena as Marvelous Seki, his legendary pro-wrestler persona.
4: Dignity
Sep 21, 2023
During his match against Muteba, Jun Sekibayashi remembers how his life changed when he began training as a pro wrestler at 15-years-old.
5: Suicide Attack
Sep 21, 2023
Saw Paing is known for his match-ending head-butts, but his lightning-fast opponent Rei Mikazuchi might not let him get close enough to use it.
6: An Old Friend
Sep 21, 2023
All Setsuna Kiryu wants to do is win this match — and the next two matches — so he can face the man he's been dreaming of: Ohma himself.
7: Hell
Sep 21, 2023
The bout between Setsuna and Gensai Kuroki comes to an end. Ohma remains hospitalized, leaving the Nogi Group with Sen Hatsumi as their only fighter.
8: Resurrection
Sep 21, 2023
Having survived 45 hanging attempts, death row convict Yohei Bando has a certain physical advantage that he deploys against Sen Hatsumi.
9: Superiority
Sep 21, 2023
While facing Kaolan Wongsawat, Agito Kanoh begins moving in a strange way; he seems to have developed a brand new fighting style during their match.
10: Life and Death
Sep 21, 2023
After the match between Kaolan and Agito, round two of the Kengan Life-or-Death Tournament comes to an end. Suddenly, a change of schedule is announced.
11: Rebel Flag
Sep 21, 2023
Hayami gives everyone a choice; either join him, or die. When Ohma was a kid in the slums, Niko Tokita trained him the ways of the Niko fighting style.
12: Melee
Sep 21, 2023
With Ohma still in his hospital room, Hayami and his men attempt to complete their coup — but there might be a traitor foiling their plans.
Season 3
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