Part 2
Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia
13 EPISODES • 2017
Season 2 of Trollhunters: Tales of Arcadia was released on December 15 and consists of 13 episodes.

Season 1


1: Escape from the Darklands
Dec 15, 2017
With Jim still trapped in the Darklands searching for Enrique, his friends rally to bring him back. But the Troll Tribunal has other ideas.
2: Skullcrusher
Dec 15, 2017
Claire recruits NotEnrique for a secret mission, while bully Steve stirs up trouble at school. In the Darklands, Jim meets "The Skullcrusher".
3: Grand Theft Otto
Dec 15, 2017
A familiar foe comes to Jim's aid in the Darklands. Back in Arcadia, Toby's distracting new headgear picks up an important clue.
4: KanjigAAARRRGGHH!!!
Dec 15, 2017
As Gunmar readies to destroy Jim in the Darklands, Blinky and the gang strike a deal with the Janus Order in their quest to revive an old friend.
5: Homecoming
Dec 15, 2017
Hope springs from an unlikely source when Gunmar learns that Jim's friends are in the Darklands on a mission to bring him home.
6: Hiss Hiss, Bang Bang
Dec 15, 2017
Now out of the Darklands and readjusting to life in Arcadia, Jim and the team must face the consequences of their risky actions.
7: Hero with a Thousand Faces
Dec 15, 2017
Multiple problems plague a frazzled Jim when his amulet goes on the fritz and Claire invites him to meet her parents at a family barbecue.
8: Just Add Water
Dec 15, 2017
When an oozy creature shows up in Arcadia, Jim and the gang set out to find it -- while playing parents to two sacks of flour for a school assignment.
9: Creepslayerz
Dec 15, 2017
In a revealing flashback episode, Otto and Dictatious vie for Gunmar's ear while an increasingly paranoid Steve finds an unlikely ally.
10: The Reckless Club
Dec 15, 2017
Señor Uhl sentences Jim and his friends to detention while Queen Usurna gathers evidence of a conspiracy. Draal comes face to face with Gunmar.
11: Unbecoming
Dec 15, 2017
Facing serious accusations from the Tribunal, Jim gets the chance to see what his life would be like if he'd never found the amulet.
12: Mistrial and Error
Dec 15, 2017
Jim stands trial for unleashing Gunmar while his friends race to clear his name. If convicted, he'll be sent to "The Deep", a dark realm of no return.
13: In the Hall of the Gumm-Gumm King
Dec 15, 2017
A monumental loss carries a warning from beyond the grave as Gunmar marches for Heartstone Trollmarket. Can the team pull together to save the day?
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